LaDuke: Gov. Burgum’s claim of potential water pollution DAPL site is ironic

LaDuke: Gov.
The spin continues in North Dakota’s corporate-fed media.
Let’s be honest, North Dakota does not care about garbage or pollution.
Morton County sprayed a number of unknown toxins from antifreeze-laden water cannons to mace onto the Water Protectors and into the river.
Rancher David Meyers purchased 40,000 pounds of Rozol, a prairie dog poison, to be used on land that adjoins the Missouri River.
Six months after he poisoned the land, Meyer sold the Cannonball Ranch to Energy Transfer Partners for a reported $18 million.
Since Jan. 2016, more than 100,900 gallons of crude oil, waste oil, bio solids, natural gas and brine were spilled in North Dakota and surrounding areas, according to the North Dakota Department of Health records.
" ‘Not everyone gets fined,’ Suess said.
So, let’s talk about garbage, North Dakota.
I can say that Burgum has a lot of work to do to clean up the garbage of the state.

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