LATEST: Water is now safe to drink in Thorne and Moorends following E.coli outbreak

Yorkshire Water confirmed that water in Thorne and Moorends is once again safe to drink without being boiled, just moments ago.

-by Sarah Marshall, originally posted on August 4, 2016


Following yesterday’s announcement that E.coli and a related group of bacteria had been found in some samples that were collected during the incident that saw tens of thousands of people in Thorne and Moorends left without safe water to drink.

Once the bacteria was found, Yorkshire Water launched a full investigation into the cause and issued a ‘Do Not Drink’ notice to local residents, which was later changed to a ‘Boil First’ Instruction.

Charlie Haysom, Director of Service Delivery, said: “I’d like to reassure residents that the water in Thorne and Moorends is now safe to drink again.

“We’ve put several physical barriers in place to prevent this external source from causing a similar issue again.


WATER UPDATE: Investigation found E.Coli in contaminated water supply

WATER UPDATE: All customers on original list of affected postcodes WILL receive £30 “good will” payment

“We’ve had several clear sample results and Public Health England agree that is safe to drink the water in the area without having to boil it first.

“We’ll be writing to customers shortly to issue the £30 goodwill payments that we’re offering to thank them for their patience.”

“After rigorous cleaning of the water network, we have now lifted the ‘Boil First’ instruction and residents are once again able to drink their tap water without needing to boil it first. We have been conducting regular water quality tests which have confirmed the water is now safe to drink.

“Once the investigation found the source, external to the Yorkshire Water network, it was isolated from the water network and we have now put in place several physical barriers to stop this source from contaminating the water network in Thorne again. We do not wish to name the source at the moment but we are continuing to fulfill our statutory duties under the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Act.”

Thorne ward councillors Mark Houlbrook and Susan Durant issued a joint statement on the matter.

They said: “Ward Councillors are extremely pleased that the contaminated water incident has reached a successful outcome. Drinking water has now been reported as safe to drink.

“Local residents have been frustrated and have felt let down during this period.

“A concerted effort has carried out by Yorkshire Water, Doncaster Council and volunteers to ensure that all our residents including elderly and vulnerable have received access to clean water.

“I understand a full investigation will now take place to find the source of the outbreak and how lessons can be learned”

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