Lawmakers to propose tax to clean Delaware’s waters

Lawmakers to propose tax to clean Delaware’s waters.
Experts say they know how to fix Delaware’s polluted waterways.
A state task force plans to propose an income tax surcharge of up to $40 per person and a new fee on business licenses that they say would raise $20 million annually to clean up Delaware waters.
It’s going to use up the oxygen that’s in the water, and that makes it worse for the fish.” Reducing nutrient pollution is one reason legislators plan to propose the Clean Water for Delaware Act, asking Delawareans to shell out $40 annually and placing a $45 surcharge on business license fees to fuel a fund that would support a slew of clean water projects.
This should be model legislation for how you administer key infrastructure decision-making.” Some balk at tax proposal But not everyone supports a tax increase for clean water projects.
My business that supports families does not need any more taxes to draw funds to help clean things up.” Baxter said legislators should look at cutting other expenses before asking Delawareans to cover the costs of cleaning the state’s waterways.
Jack Markell proposed a clean water tax based on property taxes, which would have made large landowners pay up to $25,000.
“Regardless of how much tax it is, it’s still a tax,” he said.
At Green Acres Farm – better known as Hopkins Farm Creamery – on Route 9 in Lewes, a relatively inexpensive fencing project has made a huge impact on water quality and livestock health.
They’re only going to get worse, and we have got to step up as a coastal state.” More about the proposed bill Individuals would pay a 10 percent surcharge through their personal income tax not to exceed $40 each, and couples filing jointly would pay up to $80, according to draft legislation.

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