Lawmakers working for safe drinking water following contamination cases

More than 200 sites across state found to have elevated PFOA levels

by Shelley Walcott, originally posted on January 24, 2017


In the wake of recent cases of groundwater contamination, state lawmakers are looking for ways to make drinking water safer.

Rye and New Castle state Rep. Mindi Messmer, who is also a hydrogeologist, is introducing a number of bills to protect Granite Staters.

The goal of one of the bills is to build a commission to help make long-term plans to protect drinking water.

“I’d like you to consider this bill,” Messmer, a Democrat, said. “It’s important to us on the Seacoast, and it’s important to making sure that we can provide safe water for everyone.”

More than 200 sites across the state have been found to have elevated levels of perfluorooctanoic acid.

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