LIVE: Bottled water being delivered to town where the taps have run dry as snow hampers repairs

An urgent mission is under way on Saturday evening to restore water supplies to a Gloucestershire town where the supply has run dry.
Severn Trent Water has apologised to customers in the Winchcombe who have "little or no water" tonight.
The company has said it is going to take some time to restore problems and a supply of bottled water is being delivered to around 30 vulnerable residents.
It said: "We believe the problem may be caused by airlocks in the pipes coming out of the service reservoir that supplies the area so we’re working to clear that, in the same way that you might bleed a radiator when it gets in it (only much, much bigger).
"While we do that, we have eight 18,000 litre tankers and two 9,000 litre tankers moving into the area but we’re not certain that our injection points, which allow us to pump water directly into our pipes, are accessible.
"For example, we had to search for one of our hydrants to open a valve and found that it was under four feet of snow."
Police say around 3,000 people are affected.
On Friday, a burst water pipe left dozens of homes in Winchcombe without water.
Households in an around Hailes Street are into their second day without mains water and Severn Trent engineers had to leave the repair job early yesterday as the freezing weather worsened.
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