Locals want govt to ban picnickers at Doodhsagar

Claim that the tourists visiting the famous river have ‘polluted’ it Team Herald PONDA: Claiming that the tourists visiting the famous Doodhsagar River at Collem have “polluted” it, the locals have demanded that the government ban picnickers from bathing and picnicking at the spot.
Collem locals have claimed that the tourists who visit the Doodhsagar River at Collem use the water for bathing purpose which has resulted in water pollution.
They further said that there have been clashes between them and the tourists over the river pollution issue and hence want the government to ban the tourists from bathing and picnicking at the spot.
The locals further informed that they pump water from the river at Motoje, Bimbal, Collem, Shigao, Pimpalmal, Nauvada, and Metawada to each house to meet their needs.
Since the pumped water is untreated, the villagers have demanded that the same should not be polluted by tourists visiting the spot by dumping food or by defecating in the open.
They claimed that despite banning the tourists from visiting the spot, the latter continues to “pollute” the same.
The Collem locals have now demanded that the Government ban picnickers from bathing and picnicking at the spot to prevent the river from further pollution.
According to Collem Sarpanch Kiran Mamlekar, the Panchayat has informed the Deputy Collector and has also displayed a board warning tourists from bathing at the spot.
A resolution on the issue has been also passed and the panchayat has also sent letter seeking Deputy Collector’s action in this regard.
According to a local Ankush Naik, the villagers depend solely on the river to meet their drinking water requirement.

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