Louisville Water Lifts Boil Water Advisory, Work Continues After Water Main Break

The Louisville Water Company has lifted the boil water advisory that was in effect after a major water main broke Tuesday morning in the city’s Shelby Park neighborhood.
Louisville Water Company spokeswoman Kelley Dearing Smith said the break highlights a need for further investment in pipe infrastructure.
But water main breaks like this can be unexpected, and repairs may come out of Louisville Water’s untapped $2 million contingency budget.
Mud, Flooded Cars, Bottled Water But for those living near the broken pipe, there’s a lot to fix.
Dirt now cakes the sidewalks, workers slosh through mud to repair the pipe and water jugs sit on the steps of residents’ homes.
Abdalla Qumane has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years, but he’d never seen a water break like this.
The water was too high, all their cars got flooded.” Two of those cars belonged to Cynthia Prince.
Prince woke to Strange knocking, warning her to move her cars.
“The water — it was moving fast … it was going down the streets, but the deepest part was in front of my house.” Prince’s water is still off, but she said the water company has offered to help pay for her car.
Louisville Water Company spokeswoman Kelley Dearing Smith expects the pipe will be repaired by Monday.

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