Madison residents experiencing water contamination

originally posted on November 30, 2016


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) — According to the Madison water utility…water in the Spring Harbor and University Corridor areas. officials say the well has shown an increase of salt. This doesn’t pose any adverse health issues.. however the water we drink shouldn’t have high levels of salt.

Joe Grande is the manager at Madison Water Utility and says,
” If we continue on this path, looking ahead 15 or 20 years, it probably would be the point where most people can taste the saltiness of the water and they may reject it as a drinking water.”

A majority of this salt is caused by run off from salting during the winter. the Madison streets division is working to put less salt on the roads by creating a salt-water brine. But it doesn’t just come from the roads… residents need to be careful about putting too much salt on their sidewalks too.

A spokeperson for Madison Streets Division explains, “If we brine it beforehand, it prevents that snow from binding to the pavement, we can scrape it off easier, so we have to put less salt on top of that snow that’s left behind to kind of keep the pavement open.”

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