Mass transit projects increasing air pollution in Lahore

Mass transit projects increasing air pollution in Lahore.
Even after its implementation, one can see no amelioration in terms of incessant traffic congestion in Lahore or air pollution — hence it can be equated to a white elephant!
Basically undertaking massive-scale projects such as the construction of rapid transit systems, if marred by loopholes, result in heavy socio-ecological costs that are borne by marginalised groups and communities.
This can be clearly observed with the ongoing construction of the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project.
There is no doubt that Lahore is one of the largest metropolitan cities of Pakistan with a population of 18.5 million and escalating migration rates from rural and peri-urban areas.
This triggered the Punjab government to undertake another mass transit project, Orange Line Train, to curb traffic congestion in the city, but you can clearly see that the situation has aggravated in terms of increasing pollution.
If cleared, Orange Line may be delayed by a year Similarly these emissions are negatively influencing human health resulting in serious lung damage, respiratory diseases, heart attacks due to lack of oxygen in blood, dizziness, headaches and nausea.
In a similar way, for the construction of Orange Line train 620 trees were uprooted and massive vegetation cleared.
Tunnel boring technology is used across the globe — London, Paris, Delhi are a few examples — because cut and cover technology demolishes everything on the surface which is very risky and dangerous to environment as well as to the people.
Apparently the government wants to complete the project before the next general election to garner more votes.

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