McBride under a Boil Water Advisory – NOW LIFTED

McBride under a Boil Water Advisory – NOW LIFTED.
McBride’s Boil Water Advisory has been lifted as of April 8th.
The Provincial Water Lab reports all four water samples collected on April 6th from the McBride community water system are satisfactory.
The Village says Coliform and E. coli counts were not detected.
A notice posted April 6th to the Village website says the advisory comes in consultation with Northern Health under the Drinking Protection Act.
“This Boil Water Notice applies to all users of the Village of McBride water supply system and should be followed by all persons using water from this system,” the advisory reads.
People should use boiled water for drinking purposes, food preparation, coffee machines, brushing teeth, infant formulas, making ice, and washing fruits and vegetables The statement reads “there is, was, or may be a threat to the drinking water,” but The Goat could not reach the Mayor, Village, or Northern Health staff by the time this article was published to find out what, if anything, has contaminated the water, or if the threat could be related to infrastructure.
Businesses should now have signs by any sinks or drinking fountains accessible to the public, according to the Village’s statement, and if the opportunity presents itself — advise any person who may potentially use the water.
The advisory will remain in effect until another public notice is issued, according to the Village’s statement.
The decision whether to request or order issuance of one of these notices rests with the discretion of a drinking Water Officer, but in general, they are used when the public health threat posed by the water supply system is significant and the nature of the threat is one that can be effectively addressed through boiling of the water,” the statement reads.

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