Mechanical failure prompts boil water notice in Pearland

PEARLAND— A major equipment failure involving the Kirby Water Production facility prompted the City of Pearland to issue a boil water notice Wednesday.
“Any time you have an issue where the water pressure drops below the mandated level there is potential for contamination and because water safety is paramount to us and we want to insure the safety of our residents, we issued the water notice,” Sparkle Anderson with the City of Pearland said.
Not all the City of Pearland is effected, just the section west of 288.
Still the HEB in Pearland was prepared with additional overnight deliveries, as residents stock up on bottled water.
The City of Pearland says the likelihood of contamination is low and the mechanical failure has been fixed, but they won’t know until tomorrow when testing is completed.
“A boil water notice is related to consumption.
So you can shower and bath with the water you can not drink the water at this point.
Officials say if you’ve already consumed some of the water from the affected area and experience any kind of difficulties, contact your medical service provider.
Until at least Friday, stick to the bottle for drinking water until then.
Even when the likelihood of contamination is low, It’s always better to be safe, than sorry.

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