Migrating Northern Gannets in NY Harbor

They have retuned from the open ocean to feed before migrating north to breed.
Come early April, gannets will gather around New York Harbor often in large flocks as they begin to migrate northward to start another busy breeding season.
At times the sight of gannets feeding can be exciting and entertaining.
Gannets fly higher than other seabirds, about 100 feet or more above the water’s surface, and will plunge-dive steeply into chilly water, head first, with wings folded against the body just before entering the water to make almost no splash to catch a fish among a large bait ball.
But the sight does not last long, sometimes a few days or weeks.
Along the south coast of Québec, Bonaventure Island has the largest nesting colony with around 32,000 nests.
During the summer, Northern Gannets will breed on well-established, tightly packed colonially breeding areas.
So get out now and enjoy the spectacular sight of Northern gannets hunting for food in New York Harbor.
The birds are refueling quickly to migrate to nesting colonies up north to raise the next generation of tough pelagic seabirds.
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