Migration and water scarcity (Livestream event 6 Dec)

I’ll be the moderator at this event, to be held at the Vrij Universiteit (Free University), Amsterdam The livestream of the first hour should be interesting.
The speakers will be: Dr. Karen Meijer is a researcher at Deltares focussing on the links between Climate, Water Scarcity and Conflicts.
She holds a PhD in water resources management and MSc’s in civil engineering and international public policy and public management.
Karen will present a global model that aims to estimate future risk on conflict based on the prediction of extreme hydro-meteorological events.
Dr. Louise van Schaik is Head of the Clingendael International Sustainability Centre and Senior Research Fellow at Clingendael Institute.
She has published various policy reports and academic articles and teaches professionals on EU external relations, international climate change policy and other topics within her fields of interest, such as natural resource scarcity and global public health.
Dr. Andreas Sterl is senior Scientist at the Dutch Royal Meteorological Institute in the research group on weather and climate modelling.
His area of expertise is the coupling between ocean and atmosphere and oceanic processes taking place at the air-sea interface.
He has also investigated the connections among the drought in Syria, the war, and climate change.
The livestream will begin at 13:00 CET https://av-media.vu.nl/VUMedia/Play/79e69daa843e42bdbcc2f36cb9c9e07e1d

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