More schools find possible lead contamination

originally posted on May 24, 2016


BRIARCLIFF MANOR – The Briarcliff Manor School District has shut down six water sources in schools after samples came back with elevated levels of lead.

It shut down five sources of water at Todd Elementary School on Ingham Road and one at the high school.

The district says it voluntarily had the drinking water tested in all of its schools, sampling sources like water fountains and food preparation stations.

Six came back with lead levels above the EPA guidance threshold after the first test. The district conducted a second sample and let the water run for 30 seconds. Two of the initial spots still had elevated levels of lead.

School officials say they have spoken with the district’s physician and environmental experts, and they don’t have reason to believe that the sources of water would cause adverse health effects for students and staff.

District officials say they are keeping the six troublesome sources shut down while they look into the situation, saying there could be old pipes that need to be replaced.

School officials say they will be studying the issue with experts over the next few months and will be discussing the samples at a board meeting scheduled for June 6.

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