More testing will occur to detect contaminated water

Solutions to tackle tainted drinking water in the Grayling area won’t be determined until 2019, and could be used as a template by other communities located near military bases in the nation.
The Grayling Fire Department also took part in some of the training.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) health advisory for acceptable levels of just those two compounds is 70 parts per trillion.
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), in conjunction with District Health Department #10 and Michigan Department of Health of Human Services (DHHS), has tested residential water wells near the airfield.
One sample from a residential well located near Lake Margrethe tested above the 70 parts per trillion.
Grayling Charter Township resident Vicki Hart questioned if residential water wells will be retested for the chemicals.
The multi-agency response team was formed by Gov.
Johnson confirmed that the firefighting foam was used at Camp Grayling.
Dr. Jennifer Morse, the medical director for District Health Department #10, said local officials have replacement filters on hand for those that need them.
Kallakuri said PFOA can remain the blood for just over two years, while PFOS can be detected in blood for four to five years.

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