Mounted trash, stench in air, contaminated landfill: Bhandewadi Dumping yard proving hazardous for nearby residents

Nagpur: The temporary Bhandewadi Dumping area, without any apposite process, has been declared permanent, causing Water, air and soil pollution in the landfill. As a resultant of this scenario, people residing in the nearby areas are coerced to put up with not only stench and contaminated water, but several health problems as well.
It is now being hinted that the matter may soon be taken to court for solution.
But the boom in city’s population and subsequent setting up of authorised-unauthorised colonies around the Dumping Yard brought it within the bustling city.
The other waste materials keep on mounting in gigantic piles without any treatment”, said Sharma. “Hardly 10 tons of garbage is being properly disposed, the remaining continues to pollute the land, water and air”, he added.
“If the pollution content is high, proper steps must be taken in regard of the issue”, demanded Sharma.

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