Mumbai’s water stock dips to 77%, civic body likely to impose cuts

The civic authority has officially announced water cuts in the coming week, as Mumbai’s water stock has dipped from 93 per cent on October 1 to 77 per cent on November 11.
But this year, water level remained up to 93 per cent at the end of September.
The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) didn’t declare any water cut in October, but several parts of the city already faced water scarcity because of various technical issues.
Corporators blamed the civic body for unofficial water cut.
But now the civic body may officially impose water cuts across the city as the big festival Diwali is over.
After discussion with the state irrigation department, division of water cut may come in a few days."
It is most likely that civic body also takes the decision to use water wisely.
As on November 11, the Bhatsa dam has 78 per cent water stock- about 50% of Mumbai’s water supply come from this lake.
The Bhatsa had 91 per cent water on 1st October.
The other lakes water level also dropped to 76 per cent.

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