My neighbour spread slurry and ruined the road – what can I do?

My neighbour spread slurry and ruined the road – what can I do?.
Our resident solicitor tackles the issue of when it’s OK to spread slurry Dear Karen, my neighbour spread slurry on St Stephen’s Day.
It is for the Local Authority to take action under these air pollution regulations and you can certainly lodge a complaint with them.
Local Authorities and the Environmental Protection Agency have had successful prosecutions in relation to agricultural water pollution.
Roads Spreading of slurry from the road into fields is illegal.
The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government is the department with responsibility for the implementation the European Union (Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters) Regulations 2014, commonly known as the Nitrates Regulations.
Article 18 (2) (4) (d) of the Nitrates Regulations prohibits the application to land of organic fertilisers from a road adjacent to the land.
In 2011, Cork County Council threatened to enforce The 1993 Roads Act (Section 73) against farmers whose animal manure was left on roadways.
The Farmers Farmers have to consider a large number of factors when spreading slurry.
Farmers can also incur severe penalties in their farm payments should they be caught spreading slurry during the closed period.

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