N.C. drinking water tainted with chemical byproduct for decades?

Some 60,000 Wilmington, N.C., residents get their drinking water from the Cape Fear River.
DuPont and its spinoff company Chemours manufacture chemicals at a plant upstream from the city.
Wilmington residents are demanding to know if those toxic chemicals are making their way downriver into the city’s drinking water.
And we want to know how long that compound or that chemical had been dispersed into the Cape Fear River.
And because of an EPA rule, Chemours’ release of GenX into the Cape Fear River for nearly four decades may have been perfectly legal; that’s because it is a byproduct of another substance.
The long-term health effects of GenX on humans are unknown, but studies submitted to the EPA by DuPont between 2006 and 2013 show it caused tumors and reproductive problems in lab animals.
CBS affiliate WWAY asked Adams, "Given your connection to DuPont, do you know anybody that works at the Chemours plant?"
Or DuPont?"
"How long has it been in the river?
The company also told CBS News it continues to believe that emissions from its plant have not impacted the safety of drinking water.

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