n Topic: Water well screenings n Our View:Take advantage of water safety program

OOwners of water wells should have their wells tested to make sure the water is safe to drink and use.
Well owners are encouraged to take advantage of a program sponsored by the Texas Well Owner Network, which provides free water well screenings in seven area counties.
The extensive flooding brought on by Harvey may have caused bacterial and chemical contamination of water wells, which can be harmful to humans, animals and plants.
Until the water has been screened for various contaminants and found to be safe, anyone using untested well water should switch to using bottled, boiled or treated water for consumption and hygiene purposes.
The flooded septic systems that may have compromised nearby water wells are also a cause for concern.
By participating in the free water screenings, well owners can have water samples tested for common contaminants, including E. coli bacteria, nitrates and salinity.
The kit has full instructions detailing how to take a water sample.
The water sample will be taken to one of the free well water screenings.
Test results will be made available the next day at the follow-up meeting, at which time well owners will be instructed on how to take corrective measures to ensure the safety of their well water for consumption and other uses.
This opinion reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate’s editorial board.

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