Nainital: Not just another hill station

Nainital: Not just another hill station.
Nainital is named after the beautiful lake, Naini jheel or tal, which is the lifeline of this beautiful hill station Nainital is not just any other hill station, don’t believe me?
Yes, that is why the word ‘Tal’ which means lake in Hindi language.
And it is after the beautiful lake that this hill station is named, Naini jheel or tal is the lifeline of this beautiful hill station; offering picturesque views this lake also has a temple on its banks called the Naina Devi temple which perhaps was the reason for the lake to be names as Naini.
Just beside the temple is the Tibetan market where you get stuff like clothes, artefacts, various food stalls and vendors selling small Knick knacks.
This lake looks like a paisley if you manage to climb a hill top and have a bird’s eye view you will know what I mean, and if you are lucky you could have clouds floating right above you while you are boating which, trust me happens more often than not.
Nainital Zoo is by far the best zoo that I have come across in India, let alone a hill station.
In fact when we visited the zoo last year it started pouring and all the animals came out of their dens to enjoy the shower.
We as a family try and visit these tourist spots during the off season which gives us a good view of the place and also good bargains at almost all places.
However, if you are looking to visit during the peak season which is from April to June in summers and November to January in winters, I suggest it is a good idea to make your bookings in advance.

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