Navy releases OLF water test results, sets meetings

Navy releases OLF water test results, sets meetings.
The Navy drilled 27 test wells at OLF Coupeville earlier this year and tested water samples from the 25 that contained water.
The wells with the exceedances were centralized, she said, which appears to be consistent with potential releases on the runway.
The impetus was the EPA’s decision last year to set a lifetime advisory level for the chemicals, followed by a directive from top Navy leaders that called for all Navy bases to look into the possibility that the chemicals had contaminated drinking water.
So far, the Navy received 112 results from properties near OLF Coupeville and seven are above the advisory level.
The Navy has 99 results from properties near Ault Field; two samples are above the advisory level.
Officials have started looking into longer-term solutions for people with contaminated wells.
Officials will first have to evaluate the filters to determine how well they would work and long they would be effective.
The drilling of test wells on Navy property at OLF Coupeville is the beginning of a process to determine the source of the chemicals.
The test results, Leibman said, point to the complexity of hydrogeology in the Central Whidbey area.

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