Navy should make water contamination test results public

It previously announced the results for two PFASs – why not the results for 14?
The Navy claims the results for Coupeville’s water are “private” and available only to Coupeville officials.
Coupeville was given its results weeks ago, yet hasn’t released the information.
The fact that Whidbey’s PFAS pollution victims have no one advocating for their interests was made clear at the Whidbey Water Keepers Dec. 4 public meeting.
Nothing was said at the meeting about the unreported results of Navy’s most recent testing for 14 PFASs.
Whidbey Water Keepers, like the Navy, focused on two PFASs – instead of the cocktail of six already found in the public’s water.
Not mentioned was the fact that “cancer causing PFAS chemicals” in consumer products that the Water Keepers voiced concern about were likely to be found in the high school’s water fountain down the hall and the elementary school down the street.
The results were never publicized.
Whidbey Water Keepers knew in June 2017 that the town had been testing its water for six PFAS, something the town’s water customers weren’t told about until October.
Nothing was said at the Water Keepers’ Dec. 4 public meeting about what should be done to get PFASs out of our drinking water.

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