NC House passes bill to address Gen-X fears

The NC House unanimously passed a bill Wednesday that would provide funding to look into water contamination.
House just unanimously passed bill that would provide funding to look into water contamination fears #abc11 — Elaina Athans (@AthansABC11) January 10, 2018 The measure also got support from Democratic Gov.
Roy Cooper’s administration.
Bill sponsor Rep. Ted Davis of Wilmington said he’s disappointed by that move but remains hopeful it will become law.
“Let’s fix this.” A bill being debated right now in the House that would provide funding and look into water quality.
Folks living near the Cape Fear River worry over cancer-causing chemical #ABC11 #ncpol — Elaina Athans (@AthansABC11) January 10, 2018 State officials started investigating the chemical after it leaked into the Cape Fear River from a nearby plant.
Senate leader Phil Berger released a statement following the vote: "Senate Republicans have already shown we are serious about finding real solutions that will actually improve water quality in the Cape Fear River and hold violators accountable for dumping GenX into the region’s water supply.
That’s why several months ago we passed legislation to immediately and directly address the problem of GenX contamination in the lower Cape Fear region.
We provided funding to local public utilities to begin removing GenX from public water supplies.
"We are waiting for the data we required in October so we can take meaningful action to address this problem in the short session."

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