Neighbors complain they have not had clean water in a year

Neighbors complain they have not had clean water in a year.
Neighbors at the Arundel Mobile Home Park told KREM 2 they have been told for years to not drink the water or even bathe in it.
“It’s ruining my clothes, it ruins my household appliances,” said Bruce Mullen, a resident.
People living in the trailer park said they have gotten notices to not drink the water, simply because it is not clean.
Some people said the owners of the park have compensated them for bottled drinking water.
“Then all the sudden, we’ve got no pressure,” said Dan Quine, another resident.
An employee told KREM 2 they are "following the rules" and directed all other questions to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).
The Idaho DEQ confirmed the trailer park is under a bottled water advisory, due to the fact their well water supply is “under direct influence of the Spokane River.” Suzanna Scheidt Miller, a senior drinking water analyst for Idaho DEQ in Coeur d’Alene confirmed a treatment system had been installed for the trailer park, but “it was determined earlier this month that the treatment did not sufficiently produce water meeting minimum treatment.” She said the issue became apparent when the river levels were recently elevated.
Miller said the DEQ met with the owner and a project engineer on Friday to talk about the water issue at Arundel, and to “evaluate other options to provide water uses with potable water as expeditiously as possible.” Miller said the owner of Arendel is required to give residents connected to Well #1 bottled water or reimbursement for bottled water until they remove the bottled water advisory.
“It makes me angry that my kids can’t go and get a cup of water,” said Amy Dillon, another resident.

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