Noise pollution: Shhhhh!

Noise pollution: Shhhhh!.
That has changed dramatically, and not just because of the dust I live in Nepal and love most things about the country.
Skyrocketing levels It might surprise some to learn that American streets were not always so (relatively) horn-free.
In the early days of automobiles, American cities resembled Nepal’s mad horn-fests more closely than they do today’s cities.
During the 1910s and 1920s, the “intolerable screeching” of cars made them the single most hated source of noise in America.
For help, Americans turned to cars—or horseless carriages, as they were called then.
Noise was only part of a much bigger problem: the environmental crisis that burgeoning cities created.
Urban residents worried about not just stench and eyesores but also public health.
Urban public spaces were changing quickly.
Cars and other vehicles posed a special problem.

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