North Division High School students protest school’s water cleanliness

North Division High School students protest school’s water cleanliness.
A group of students held a rally at 4 p.m. at the school saying they’re concerned over the presence of lead in their drinking water.
Students part of the group "Youth Rising Up" organized the rally, saying they’re afraid to drink the water at their school.
According to its website, when MPS voluntarily tested the water at North Division, it found 15 drinking fountains and 92 faucets where lead levels exceeded EPA standards (15 parts per billion).
The district is in the process of replacing fixtures at North Division and at all schools where standards exceeded those guidelines.
A spokesperson for the district said two water fountains at North Division still need to be repaired.
"No longer will we sit back and just accept, yes this happened, no this didn’t happen.
The students were also upset over the installation of a filtered water fountain on the third floor of the building, where MPS says the district conducts staff training.
MPS said it found there weren’t a lot of water fountains on the third floor and staff who came to the building for training were waiting in line to fill up water bottles.
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