Northside subdivision faces costly annexation choice

Northside subdivision faces costly annexation choice.
City staff, however, is recommending the annexation be delayed, and residents are feeling conflicted.
"And of course the financial situation," Schweiss said.
Despite the target date, the city is not obligated to pursue the annexation — which would require nearly $1 million in city contributions to the construction of sewer and water lines and streets.
And almost all of the lots are so large that there’s room to add a new septic system if the existing system is failing.
Because of the large lots, Hensonshire and Jo Ray are unlike other recently annexed rural subdivisions that had very limited options for failing sewer systems.
Property owners looking to sell or expand a home must be inspected with a plan in place to address failing sewer systems, which contribute to water pollution.
It’s also possible Blue Earth County may decide to inspect all noncompliant properties if the city officially decides to delay annexation, Hentges said.
If a majority want to get the process over with, they could petition the city to add the sewer project to its construction schedule with work probably occurring in 2019.
Council President Mike Laven suggested Hensonshire homeowners, if they opt for waiting, start socking away money each year for the inevitable bill.

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