NWTF’s Marketing Channels

NWTF’s Marketing Channels.
The Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF), a partner MFI in the Philippines, utilizes several opportunities to market their WASH products.
NWTF has a specific team devoted for WASH education, orientation, product presentations, and other WASH-related activities, named the Green Product Staff (GPS).
The GPS team attends around 2 to 3 center meetings each day, with each center assembly having around to 30 to 50 MFI members.
During these center meetings, the GPS team promotes WASH products while continue their health and hygiene campaign.
These short talks advocate for safe health & hygiene practices and talk about the advantages of having quality water and sanitation facilities.
NWTF also uses its Branch Foundation Days to further promote WASH products.
Foundation Days are celebrations held by each branch on its founding day and it typically attending by most of the branch’s 2,500 to 3,000 members.
On Foundation Day, the GPS team sets up a booth to showcase water filters, sanitary toilets, and water connection while also answering questions and sharing additional information on the featured products.
NWFT’s continuous and multi-level marketing campaign has been successful in reaching more Filipinos with water and sanitation needs.

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