NY’s Water Infrastructure Proposal: A much needed investment

NY’s Water Infrastructure Proposal: A much needed investment.
Frank Sinatra, in his song “New York, New York” made a line famous by saying, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” In a city where people are trying to beat the competition to elbow their way to the top in entertainment, finance, real estate and other industries, making it in New York is not only an anthem, it’s a rallying call for when the road seems impossible.
Governor Cuomo is trying to address these problems with a $2 billion proposal to improve water quality across the state of New York.
Initial ideas from our state leaders about how to spend the funding focuses on curbing source water contamination along with polluted runoff and making investments to rebuild and improve water infrastructure.
Some of these include: Lead service line replacement There is no safe level of lead, and the best way to prevent a child or adult from exposure is to remove the risk.
Schools across the state are finding lead in their drinking water.
Affordability Because the bill has come due to rehabilitate and replace outdated systems, basic water and sewer services are placing more stress on the budgets of low income New Yorkers, while strapping water/sewer utility budgets overall.
These smart solutions include investments in green space that improves neighborhood quality of life.
But identifying and prioritizing vulnerable communities, like low income communities and communities of color with populations most at risk due to contamination, should be first.
If the great state of New York, which covers the entire scope of water issues from urban to rural, can take a big step forward to fix its water issues, there’s no reason why others can’t do the same.

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