Oakdale turning off water for the night, other municipalities urging residents to conserve water

A boil advisory has been issued once the water is back on.
Kinder will shut off water from 10 p.m. Wednesday until 4 a.m. to refill water tanks.
A boil advisory has been issued for Kinder and customers of the Southwest Allen Parish Water District south of La.
Kinder is asking residents to stop running or dripping faucets while temperatures are above freezing.
Sulphur is also urging residents to conserve water during the next several days as temperatures continue to dip below freezing.
Water conservation is critical for systems to rebuild and maintain pressure in order to avoid a boil advisory, Mayor Chris Duncan said.
Faucets need only to run a steady drip to avoid freezing.
When temperatures are above freezing, all running faucets should be turned off.
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