OAS applying for grant to assist with costs to connect to municipal water

According to Superintendent Scott Moore, the district can apply for up to 55 percent of the overall project.
Now is the time to apply for such a grant, because it may not be available in the future.
It is hoped by district administration that engineering will provide for the ability to be connected, but not use municipal water, which is expected to cost $30,000 per year; less if it is not used to fill the swimming pool or for showers.
At this time an advisory from the health department advises no drinking or cooking with PFAS contaminated water.
Moore said it would be a “very” expensive proposition to filter campus water, according to Christina Bush, Department of Health and Human Services toxicologist.
Probably,” said Gaines about the ability to provide municipal water.
Chuck Lichon, District Health Department No.
He said the EPA number of 70 ppt.
When the EPA sets a standard, such as the advisory number for PFAS, it has built in safety factors to the stated amount, Lichon added.
is too high and there are other more proactive states supporting setting the level below 20 ppt.

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