Ocean Alpha launched water-pollution free Ghana program

Ocean Alpha launched water-pollution free Ghana program.
A Chinese company, Ocean Alpha has launched its technology to control the worsening state of water bodies in Ghana from being polluted.
Ocean Alpha is a Chinese company which specializes in Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV).
The company showcased merchandises at Water Africa and West Africa Building Construction Exhibition 2017 which held in Accra International Center.
The program lasted for one week has created an opportunity for companies to display new technologies suitable for construction industry.
Recently, Ghana is passing through water pollution crisis and the matter is also becoming unresolvable with the arrival of galamsey.
Ocean Alpha is hopeful that pollution can reduce significantly.
Industrial companies, governmental agencies and universities need to use their technology to protect and monitor the condition of water bodies.
Apart from securing water bodies, the Ocean USV can perform other important functions.
It can use in for example hydrology research, hydrographic survey, scientific exploration, emergency search and for rescue.

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