Officials hold meeting on contaminated water at Wurtsmith Air Force base

“We’re hearing a lot of talk, but we’re not seeing a lot of action," said Tony Spaniola, Van Etten Lake resident.
Spaniola claims the foam is a by-product of harmful chemicals used at the base many years ago.
“There seems to be a problem in the lake that generates a really white foam that has the chemicals of concern that we’re very worried about which are PFOA and PFOS,” Mike Jury said.
So what is the Air Force doing to clean it up?
Spokesperson Matt Marrs said the Air Force is in the process of testing the area and gathering information.
And from the analysis that we get from that tiered approach we will look at actions to take.
And we’ll always be working and trying to be good neighbors," Marrs said.
Spaniola said he’s been to the meetings before.
He said officials are doing a lot of talking about how they’ll address the problem of PFOS from the air base, but he wants to see more.
"We need to see action," Spaniola said.

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