Officials plan in case drought hits Derby

Water is a resource that citizens have a strong tendency to take for granted.
Swindle has a special insight into the matter as he’s a geology professor with knowledge of, among other topics, water issues.
Derby residents usually consume 100 gallons.
With that in mind, council members approved a new, updated plan.
“This is more of apples to apples,” he said of the relationships between Derby and Wichita, which supplies the city’s water.
Under the plan, there are three conservation stages.
They are: Stage 1 – voluntary conservation; Stage 2 – mandatory restrictions; and Stage 3 – a water emergency.
Under the plan, there are a system of “triggers” that set off the stages.
Under emergency conditions, no lawn watering would be allowed.
A sign must be posted in front of the property to alert authorities that the homeowner has well water.

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