Ohio EPA cites city of Warren

WARREN — The city received a notice of violation from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for 13 instances of excessive amounts of dimethyl disulfide in its sewer system in the month of May, according to Ed Haller, director of Warren’s Water Pollution Control department.
Dimethyl disulfide has been identified in the city’s sewer system over the last several months and, according to city officials, has been the source of significant odors that have negatively impacted the quality of life of some residents and area businesses.
The city was able to identify Patriot Water as the source of the chemical using information provided to it by the company.
Blocksom said the company identified the source of the dimethyl disulfide possibly coming from two of its customers and have stopped accepting and treating materials from them.
Although admitting some of the dimethyl disulfide has been coming from the plant, Blocksom said some of the chemical already existed in the city’s sewer system because it is a normal pollutant in food.
“We discharge very little,” Blocksom said.
“We do not believe it is enough to cause that level of odor, but as soon as we identified the suspect companies, we stopped treating their materials.” “We are working with the city.
We are being good corporate citizens.
The city has had and have access to our plant anytime it wants.

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