One thousand without water for over a week in Clay County

CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- One thousand people have spent that past week without water after cold temperatures caused multiple pipes to crack in the city.
Phones have been ringing off the hook at Manchester City Hall with questions about when the water will be turned back on.
Deputy Clerk Elsie Woods who oversees the city’s waterworks says crews are working nonstop to fix the pipes and identify more leaks.
She is asking the public who currently has water to conserve it.
George Wagers and his family are one of the thousand or so affected.
"You can’t wash your clothes and stuff, can’t have clean clothes and take a clean shower every morning, or have water to cook with."
They are the only family in the Hector Community to be without water.
Local businesses have been on hand to help families like the Wagers to get water.
Thye spent much of Wednesday delivering water bottles to those without water.
Authorities say they still aren’t sure when the water will be turned back on but say anyone that is nee of bottled water to call 1-(606)-598-8411.

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