[OP-ED]: Trump: Bridging an Unnecessary Wall

[OP-ED]: Trump: Bridging an Unnecessary Wall.
The 15 most travelled structurally deficient bridges in Pennsylvania are located in Philadelphia.
All are along the I-95 interstate highway, according to a report released a few weeks ago by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.
The massive infrastructure upgrade program promised by President Trump infers repairs to bridges like those battered in Philadelphia…bridges that while not imminently unsafe are in poor condition.
But close examination of Trump’s infrastructure plan reveals a scheme of tax breaks to private companies, firms most likely more interested in pursuit of projects that give them long-term profit like building bridges that charge tolls.
There is no recurring big profit just repairing existing bridges.
However, hidden in that Trump infrastructure program are big costs for Americans from paying-off the tax breaks given to private companies to paying tolls/fees on many projects funded largely by tax dollars.
It is not clear if President Trump can deliver on his promised infrastructure program since he’s failed to achieve two core campaign promises: better, cheaper health care to replace Obamacare and having Mexico pay for that “beautiful wall” built along America’s border with Mexico.
What is clear is that too many bridges in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and across America need serious repair immediately.
The price tag given for fixing just those Top15 most travelled structurally deficient bridges in Philadelphia is $8-billion.

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