Oregon gets EPA loan for sanitary sewer project

Oregon gets EPA loan for sanitary sewer project.
The City of Oregon is receiving a low interest loan from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to reduce storm water infiltration and inflow (I&I) into the city’s sanitary sewer, eliminating sanitary sewer overflows and improving water quality in Maumee Bay.
The funds are from the Ohio EPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF).
Oregon Public Service Director Paul Roman said the sanitary sewer project is one of three in the area off Woodville Road to be rehabilitated.
“We’re basically lining the sanitary sewers.
We are lining the manholes as well.
It does keep a lot of water that is infiltrating through the joints out of the pipe.” Eliminates joints The lining consists of a fiberglass tube that is pulled through the pipe, he said.
So we’re actually getting rid of these joints with these pipes,” he said.
The city has already completed the first phase of sanitary sewer rehabilitation in the area of Toul and Metz avenues off Woodville Road.
The last sanitary sewer rehabilitation in that area will be the rest of the Moundview Park neighborhood, he said.

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