Oshikoto SORA: Millions reserved to fast-track development

Oshikoto SORA: Millions reserved to fast-track development.
The projects aimed mainly at the provision of electricity and construction of sewer, water reticulation and retention ponds, and gravel roads.
An additional N$493,474 was spent through the governor’s office that disbursed funds to 16 entrepreneurs, and N$317,308 from the regional council that was spread across five constituencies through the Rural Employment Scheme, while N$539,423 was allocated for the implementation of the Micro Finance Programme.
This funds were then allocated equally to eight constituencies, with each constituency receiving N$67,427.
“I can proudly state here with confidence that the region made a significant impact in terms of critical areas of focus.
“This allocation was made towards the implementation of projects that address the shortage of potable water in various rural areas.
The governor acknowledged the efforts being made by Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb in maintaining and sticking to its core value of community investment through strengthening the social and economic fabric of Tsumeb, and the region at large.
For the 2016/17 financial year, Dundee spent over N$6.2 million in community-related projects.
“The ministerial budgetary suspension for the 2016/2017 financial year affected the implementation of planned regional activities, as well as late transfer of funds by head office and the Ministry of Finance.
Therefore, the ministry needs to improve communication channels (proper and timely consultations) on budget suspensions and improve the government’s cash flow position in order for funds to be transferred on request and timeously,” he concluded.

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