‘OUR CHRISTMAS DINNER’S RUINED Thousands of homes in London are without water on Christmas Day as panicked families rush to newsagents

A fault with Thames Water means some families can’t even flush their toilets

by Holly Christodoulou, originally posted on December 25, 2016


THOUSANDS of people have been left without water on Christmas Day.

Thames Water have launched a probe after families in south west London woke up to discover their taps weren’t working.

Some unlucky homeowners aren’t even able to flush their toilets, while others are wondering how they will cook Christmas dinner.

Homes in Twickenham, Hampton and Whitton have been affected and frantic families have rushed to their local shops to buy bottled water.

Clare Morrisroe, from Twickenham, told Sun Online: “We’ve had to fill pans of water and put them on the stove to cook, wash and make tea. It’s like being back in the 70s! And now we’re on our way out to help the homeless at Crisis at Christmas but can’t have a bath!”

One man who is affected told the Daily Star: “The water went off without warning at 10am this morning.

“It’s a bit of a nightmare as we have nothing coming out of the taps and we can’t even flush the toilet.

“We’ve tried ringing the water company but it’s constantly engaged so have no idea when it will come back on.

“All our neighbours and friends are also without water so could be a fun Christmas lunch.”

Thames Water said: “We are aware of the issue and we are very sorry to our customers affected on Christmas day.

“A team is on site and investigating. We hope to get the issue sorted as quickly as possible.”

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