Out with the fossils and fossil fuels

Out with the fossils and fossil fuels.
To the editor, Please exercise your power to determine our energy future, protect our only planet and foster the development of healthy, job-producing industries on your La Plata Electric Association ballot.
We love our precious world, and realize that the stakes are too high to continue on the path favored by incumbent LPEA president, Davin Montoya.
Montoya has expertise in a past when fossil fuel technology made sense.
This damage includes air and water pollution; increased respiratory problems for young and old; and severe, economy-damaging weather impacts like drought.
Montoya has opposed efforts to foster a local, job-producing energy industry.
Renewable energy prices are plummeting and will dominate the energy market within five years.
Kim Martin isn’t afraid of new clean technologies and sees their potential to stimulate our economy and protect our lives and environment.
A hard worker, Kim navigates complex policy issues well because of her many years of community service.
Kim Martin, LPEA Board in District 2!

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