Painting gets a fresh look

Painting gets a fresh look.
COBOURG – A facelift and repainting is underway of the huge sailboat and harbour mural panels on Cobourg’s Lakeshore Road water pollution control plant.
Originally done by well-known Cobourg resident Ruth Van Egmond, the tower painting is being renewed under the supervision of area and internationally renowned artist Heather Cooper, her granddaughter Phoebe Graham and Lakefront Utilities employee Scott Prins.
Egmond passed away in 2014.
Graham is a pre-med student at Queen’s University, but a wonderful artist who has already had local showings, Cooper says.
Work began last week with a complete washing of the stubbled finished, Cooper explained as she sat within the fenced area and directed the work on Monday.
The areas needing repainting began after that and it became apparent less restoration was going to be needed than originally thought.
Because of the pebbled finish and the scale of the 16-panel painting on the circular face of the tank, it requires both a close up and farther away perspective as the painting by Graham takes place, she continued.
The work is being done from a mechanical scaffold which moves as needed.

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