Patience down to a trickle as residents deal with La.’s water problems

NEW ORLEANS – Filling up another bucket and using the only working faucet is becoming a tiresome routine this week at Belle Reve New Orleans, a community home for people with disabilities and those with HIV.
Throughout the day, those living and working have been going back and forth, filling up the toilets with water.
Thomas says it’s not just keeping water in the bathroom.
The low water pressure is making it a long and taxing job to cook a good meal for the 15 people that call Belle Reve home.
Residents on the Eastbank of Orleans tonight remain under a boil water advisory.
Mayor Landrieu says the advisory could stretch into the next few days.
"As the sun comes out and it starts to thaw, we’re going to start to see more problems, and that problem is going to bring the pressure down.
"We have 219 units in this building, and it’s an inconvenience.
Like Belle Reve, they’re also getting trickles of water out of their tap.
And cook and things like that," Bellau said.

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