Peachland on boil water order

Peachland on boil water order.
Residents living in Peachland are under a boil water order until further notice.
According to the District, a landslide that occurred in March is still causing issues for the Deep Creek area.
Currently the Peachland water quality is rated poor.
Deep Creek is experiencing wide fluctuations in turbidity as the creek level rises and falls due to snow melt and rainfall.
The area is very muddy and it will take awhile for the water to settle.
The Okanagan Lake Pump system is run during spring freshet when the Trepanier Creek source becomes extremely turbid.
When the turbidity of the lake pumps is below 1 NTU, Interior Health Authority has mandated that a water quality advisory be issued when the Okanagan Lake source is used.
IHA recommends that a water quality advisory be instituted while the Okanagan lake pumps are in use.
Once the boil water notice is issued, Interior Health does not remove it until the water returns to ‘GOOD’ status.

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