Pearland residents face challenges after boil water notice

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) — Boiling any water you want to drink meant bottled water was in demand in parts of Pearland today.
"We just put off taking showers and stuff until tomorrow," resident Julie Dahl said.
Nearby schools also had to make do without using their water fountains.
Staff boiled huge pots of water in the cafeterias at the six schools affected.
Resident Tammy Carter described her day dealing with no drinking water at her home.
Many businesses like Burger King along Broadway posted signs warning people soft drinks would not be sold because of the boil water notice ordered last night.
We discovered the cause behind the boil notice.
That strain lowered the pressure level in the water-a potentially dangerous situation-and that the water could be exposed to bacteria.
Sparkle Anderson, spokesperson for the City of Pearland answered our questions.
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