People come last for Trump

A recent writer says some of us weren’t ready for a “strong leader” like the current president.
Here are some reasons: Under this fledgling president, restrictions on air and water pollution are out; protection of workers from cancer-causing substances is out; selling consumer internet information without permission is in.
Limiting student loan fees is out; levying hefty fees is in.
Killing bear or wolf cubs in national wildlife refuges is in; keeping accurate workplace injury records is out, as is disclosure of safety and labor violations by federal contractors.
Publicly traded companies won’t have to disclose payments to foreign governments, and financial advisers will no longer have to reveal conflicts of interest when advising clients.
This one is unbelievable: mentally ill people judged incapable of handling their own money are now considered capable of owning and handling firearms.
This is only part of the list, but it is enough.
What you can clearly see is that the deregulatory agenda is totally business-friendly, pro-corporation, and not pro-worker.
The promise to support and enrich the middle and lower classes is hollow and disingenuous.
The writer believes the president is putting the interests of the American people first.

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