People in Waterproof speaking out after weeks without water

WATERPROOF, La, (KNOE) – The Town of Waterproof is completely without water.
People say its been that way for weeks.
said Debra Cameron, owner of Stop N’ Shop in Waterproof.
Waterproof has been without water for almost a month.The mayor says cold weather started the problem.
Others get their water elsewhere.
"it is not the town council and the mayor’s fault, it’s the Tensas rural water fault," said Herbert Williams, Waterproof resident and former member of Waterproof’s board of Aldermen.
"We need to stop blaming the mayor because this is not the mayor’s fault.
She says no water.
I’ve lost two to three weeks of customers telling them, ‘I can cook for you today because I can’t wash my hands,’” said Cameron.
"We have elderly people down here suffering.

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