Peru PM: Clean drinking water for a further 1 million people this year

Peru PM: Clean drinking water for a further 1 million people this year.
In Peru’s Prime Minister Fernando Zavala on Friday said a million inhabitants will gain access to drinking water by the end of the year, since water and sanitation sector investment has grown six-fold.
Remarks were made while analyzing Kuczynski’s first year running the country at the National Agreement session held at Lima’s Government Palace.
During the meeting, he announced the Government is spending nearly S/10 billion (about US$3.07 billion) on roads and that 12 projects —worth over US$3 billion— have been made viable in favor of the country.
The Cabinet chief’s speech addressed five major fields: rapid response to "Coastal El Niño," Lava Jato (Car Wash) scandal, Peruvian foreign-policy leadership in the region, fight against corruption, as well as Justice Agreement and its consequences for the judicial system.
Moreover, Zavala noted the Executive’s commitment to report to the population on the progress made.
He explained the Government is intended to build a modern nation and make it a fairer and more equitable place, where all Peruvians have the same rights as well as access to education, health, water and sanitation services.
The National Agreement session featured President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, First Vice-President Martin Vizcarra, Attorney General Pablo Sanchez and Supreme Judge Ramiro de Valdivia, who participated on behalf of the Judicial Branch.
Also attending the session were Ministers Marisol Perez Tello (Justice and Human Rights), Marilu Martens (Education) and Cayetana Aljovin (Development and Social Inclusion), among other authorities.
Published: 7/22/2017

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