Phenix City Utilities Director defends contamination allegations, ‘The water is clean’

PHENIX CTIY, AL (WTVM) – The Director of Phenix City Utilities is firing back at reports that the local Waste Water Treatment Plant is dumping harmful chemicals and waste into the Chattahoochee River.
The Chattahoochee River races on from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, spilling millions of gallons of water a day While, some portions of the River may be filled with treacherous waves, Director of Phenix City Utilities, Steve Smith says one thing it is not, is dirty.
"The water is tested all of the time, and it is safe for people to be in.
The Chattahoochee River Warden is attempting to counteract these claims.
Through Facebook, he is attempting to raise awareness to what he claims is an unusual amount of foam and bubbles in parts of the Alabama riverside.
According to Warden Henry Jackson, these bubbles are a possible discharge coming from the Waste Water Treatment Plant, a pipe spewing contamination and waste into the river.
"The River is clean and millions of dollars, billions actually if you go up north to Atlanta have been spent cleaning up this River," says Smith.
Smith says all testing results are public information available to review.
Jackson says his organization will continue to test the water for possible signs of contamination.
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